Event dates?

Fiona McKenzie writes:

I’ve noticed quite a lot of the lunch dates (including AGMs etc) seem to be scheduled for weekdays (and not all of us are retired!). I may be in a minority but it would be good to perhaps get some feed back about dates – or even better, start using a shared calendar tool like http://doodle.com/.
Comments please!

Author: jpousswfrance


2 thoughts on “Event dates?”

  1. I’m in a similar boat to Fiona, since weekdays are usually difficult for me. If more of the events could be held at weekends, I would stand a better chance of attending.


  2. Lunch at the Hotel Le Bastard in 32700 Lectoure, Saturday 12th August, with Baron Lawson of Blaby i.e. Nigel Lawson, Ch. Ch. PPE First (before my time) as our guest speaker. Hope you can make it, being the weekend! More details to follow. Pip


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