June 9th Garden Party

Marion has sent details of this garden party to members, who are invited to reply before June 2nd:

“You may well wish to sport a boater or a panama hat for an elegant « déjeuner sur l’herbe », kindly hosted by OUS member Geoff Douglas and his wife Penny in the garden of their house at Saint Laurent (http://bygad.biz/saint-laurent/) 31310 Rieux-Volvestre. (But they also have a large indoor space available in the event of rain).

Geoff and Penny propose coffee at 10h30, followed by a short walk (25 minutes, or 5 minutes by car) to the medieval village of Rieux-Volvestre, where there is much to be admired (http://www.francethisway.com/places/rieux-volvestre.php).

The walk will give us a good appetite for sharing our picnics (from our own hampers).

After lunch, Geoff has arranged a short talk by a good friend and retired professor of English at Toulouse University, on Clément Ader, known as “the father of aviation”, who was in competition with the Wright brothers for the first hop above the ground (we are, after all, not far from Toulouse and the Airbus …)

If you come from afar, Geoff and Penny have accommodation for 5 couples and two singles in 3 apartments.”

Author: jpousswfrance


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