August 9th: top class music after lunch

By arrangement with member Piers Killeen and the Albion Quartet, members have been invited to enjoy a rehearsal by this top class quartet at Piers’ chateau at Sainte-Mère (32) on Thursday 9th August.

We plan to lunch in advance of this at the Auberge des Bouviers in Lectoure.  ‘Bouviers’ are cowboys according to the proprietor but this is certainly not a comment on the food!

Piers writes:

“I am afraid I cannot be sure what they will be rehearsing, but clearly it will be pieces from the subsequent concert programmes. The rehearsals are likely to include sections from the Beethoven and Schubert quartets featuring in the programme.  They are all lovely people and I’m sure they will also say a word or two to your group about their work.  They have fabulous instruments anyway – Stradivarius, Guarnerius and a Grancino.”

Albion b:w photo small

Details have been sent to members by email: please contact for further details.


Author: jpousswfrance


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