OUBC lunch 3rd January

Greg writes:

Apologies for the late confirmation, but we now have a confirmed date for the OUBC Lunch at Le Temple-sur-Lot.  It is THURSDAY 3RD JANUARY (not 31st December as originally envisaged – the caterers couldn’t cope that day, I’m afraid).

We convene at 12 noon at the Commanderie: the self-service canteen servicing the boat club, not the posh restaurant.  There is a bar attached, too.  Lunch is confirmed at 15 euros per head.  A matching donation to the OUBC of a further 15 euros would be appreciated, though it is not compulsory.  The OUBC is short of sponsors this year.

Anyone interested who has not already contacted him should please confirm directly with Greg.

If you are viewing this on the web site, you can use the form below to make your reservation:


Author: jpousswfrance


2 thoughts on “OUBC lunch 3rd January”

  1. Oh dear! Men and women, please. Otherwise gentlemen and ladies…………but you would never do that. Terence Bendixson……………….old fogie.


  2. Sorry but we shall be away Chris Boddington

    On Fri, 30 Nov 2018 at 12:38, OUS South West France wrote:

    > jpousswfrance posted: “Members and friends are invited to lunch with the > OUBC at 12 noon on 31st December at the Commanderie in Temple-sur-Lot. > Reservations should be sent to Greg Hawes by 16th December. You will meet > the boat race crews – men and ladies – and the coaching team” >


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