British Embassy Events


We have received the following from the BCC with attachments from the Embassy which draws attention to this website:

I attach a letter addressed to the British Community Committee of France from Pam Deegan, Director Consular Services at the British Embassy.

As the letter explains, the Embassy and Consular Services are holding various outreach events around France to inform and keep up to date  UK nationals living in France on their resident rights and how these might change when (if!) the UK leaves the EU. 

As requested by Pam Deegan, we are circularising the letter to our member associations and would ask you to kindly forward it to your association’s own members. In addition, if you are able to, you might like to print the attached British Embassy Poster (if possible on A3 paper) and distribute copies around your local community where UK nationals might see it, such as your local mairie, doctors, vets, etc. 

If you or your local mairie or any other local organisation would like hard copies of the posters to be sent by post, then please contact Pam Deegan at her email address at the top of her letter.

Howard Norman, Chairman, BCC

Letter from British Embassy

British Embassy Poster

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