Tap on the shoulder

Greetings. If you’re one of the twenty-odd members who has already felt your Treasurer’s light touch this year, read no further and enjoy a little glow of satisfaction.
If as yet you haven’t, or have not responded and paid by other means, please find the mere 10 euros required and send it to us. We aren’t aiming to make a profit, but we do need funds in hand to pre-pay for some events, find interesting speakers and cover small outgoings like banking and web hosting. The subscription year runs from July 2017 to June 2018.

There are now two ways to pay, apart from seeing me in person at an event:
send me 10 euros as cash or a cheque payable to OUS SW France; 26 rue des fossés, 47800 Allemans du Dropt. I will send a receipt by email.
pay securely and free by credit card at the following site for Associations in France, run by La Banque Postale: follow the simple instructions from this link:
Be sure to change the payment box from 0 to 1 (or more if you want to prepay 2018-9) else you may get a ‘service temporarily unavailable’ message.

Thank you for your support.
Pip Kirby

La Halle aux Grains – a great venue

Last Friday we had the joy of hearing a top orchestra – the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse – at the magnificent Halle aux Grains in Toulouse; with Sibelius and Richard Strauss, two of my favourites, as well. If you haven’t been to an event there, do make an effort to do so = it’s a great venue and the acoustics are surprisingly good for a building which wasn’t purpose built. There’s a designer-type hotel literally next door, Les Bains Douches, on the site of the old Toulouse public baths I believe; it’s a bit bizarre but it has some secure parking and there are plenty of good restaurants close by (and the Irish pub if you like Guinness and boisterous patrons).